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The soap manufactory of ROBYN produces luxury soaps which consist of pure 
Marula-Oil, coming directly from the heart of Namibia.

From time immemorial there have been myths and legends about the sweet
fragrance of the mellow golden fruit of the Marula tree. It is regarded as a real
 beauty elixir offering the most precious ingredient of our soaps: Marula Oil.
Pure luxury for your skin. Enjoy our hand made soaps and luxury oils.

Soap manufactory at guestfarm Robyn, Namibia

The Marula Oil we are using is collected in the northern part of Namibia. This is where the women of the Ovambo and San tribes gather the fruit of the Marula tree.

To get the precious Marula Oil, the pits the size of a walnut must be cracked
by hand, one after another. The women then extract the oil containing pulp
of about hazelnut size. The pulp is then carefully cold-pressed.
Between 5 and 8 kilos of pulp are needed for one liter of Marula Oil.

Our soap bars come exclusively from Namibia. Every soap bar is individually
 handmade with great care and commitment. This is why every soap bar is different.
It is a unique piece of luxury gently spoiling your skin.

You are welcome

        • To view our soap manufacturing
        • To invest in the soap production of self-hand
        • Or only buying and spoil yourself with this great soaps!


More about the history of saop making and Jutta Harten can be found here...


Jutta Harten ~ Postfach 26 ~ Kamanjab ~ Namibia
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